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Acrylic Glass

Exclusive and modern with a brilliant expressiveness.

Do you value high quality and wish to present your photos as though they were hanging in a gallery or museum? Our Acrylic Glass Fine Art prints will give your image astonishing depth, sure to catch the eye of all who see them.

High-quality Finishing

Professional craftsmanship combined with top-notch technology

Our acrylic glass lamination is a complex process. First we print the picture on premium Ilford photo paper. The print is then mounted on a 3 mm aluminum plate called Alu Dibond. Alu Dibond is made of two white aluminum plates and a polyethylene core. We then bond the Alu Dibond to a 3 mm or 5 mm acrylic glass plate with highly elastic UV-silicone. This way, we provide the maximum stability and protection for your fine art print. Even large formats will retain their shape without bending or warping. Without proper mounting, acrylic glass prints quickly lose their shape and usually do not last long. It is our goal to ensure you enjoy your photograph for many years to come.

Thickness of glass

Your choice of 3 mm or 5 mm acrylic glass

When ordering your Acrylic Glass Fine Art from Photocircle, you can choose between 3 mm or 5 mm acrylic glass. The thinner 3 mm glass offers a discreet depth effect; the vivid three-dimensional impression is enhanced when using 5 mm glass. Both varieties protect your print from environmental influences as well as from fading caused by UV rays. Acrylic glass is significantly lighter than regular glass and shatter-proof in either choice of size.

Acrylic Glass Floater Frame

Give your Acrylic Glass Fine Art a solid wood frame with shadow gap

The Acrylic Glass Fine Art floater frame gives your print a unique effect. The print is mounted inside a solid wood frame at a distance of 6 mm on all sides. The circumferential shadow gap makes your image appear to float inside the frame. The picture becomes more captivating and will truly stand out. The Acrylic Glass Fine Art Floater provides additional protection for your print and adds more of a finishing touch than the free-floating Acrylic Glass Fine Art without a frame. Just like the wood frames for the Photocircle canvas prints, our floater frames are made of solid wood from sustainable forestry. Choose between maple, alder, walnut and black or natural oak.

Wall mounting included

Simply unpack your Acrylic Glass print, mount it on the wall, and voilà!

Since your Photocircle Acrylic Glass Fine Art comes with a rear-side mounting bracket, you can hang it on the wall straight from the box. We offer either aluminum strips or metal hangers with spacers depending on the size of your piece. Both options allow you to easily position and hang your print regardless of size or weight. Since the wall mounting is invisible, it will appear as though the picture is floating.

High class lamination

Why we use lamination instead of direct printing

In the direct printing process, the image is simply printed on the back of the acrylic glass. In our opinion, this method of printing has not yet been adequately developed and does not meet our high standards. We stand for nothing less than the best quality because we are committed to the expectations and trust placed in us by our photographers and customers. Because of these various reason, we do not offer direct printing, preferring instead to work with classic acrylic glass lamination for a truly compelling and quality product.

Finest materials

High quality UV-silicone instead of low grade adhesive film

The laminated print is joined with the acrylic glass using only the highest quality UV-silicone. Unlike adhesive film, the print remains dust-free and air bubbles or micro-tears are prevented. The use of UV-silicone protects your acrylic glass print from environmental influences such as moisture and ultraviolet rays.

Premium printing quality

Enjoy vivid details and luminous colors

Our Acrylic Glass Fine Arts are always printed on premium Epson printers in the highest resolution, even in the largest format. Because we want you to enjoy the vivid details and bright, luminous colors, we solely use original high quality Epson ink. The printing and manufacturing process is carried out exclusively by professionals. Modern technology and top-notch craftsmanship make your Acrylic Glass Fine Art an object of compelling quality that is also made to last.

Little Miss Sunshine

Acrylic Glass

The facts at a glance

  • Mounting included: straight from the box to the wall - voilà!
  • Highest print quality on top of the line Epson printers
  • High grade lamination, no direct printing
  • We use a strong 3 mm Alu Dibond as a stable back mount
  • High quality UV-silicone is used for bonding
  • You choose between 3mm or 5mm Acrylic Glass
  • Also available in a solid wood frame with shadow gap
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