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Update from our project in Ethiopia

Our art prints have planted almost 250,000 trees

How time flies – we’ve planted almost 50,000 new trees since our last project update! Here’s a little overview of the situation on the ground in Shebedino.

Summer Trend Landscape Art

From museums into your living room: Landscape art is back

For a long time, it was considered a little outdated, but this summer, it’s back with a bang!

Home Is Where Your Art Is: Minimalism

When less is more in interior design

Hardly any interior style is more contemporary than minimalism, if you think about it. In times of climate change on the one hand and constant overstimulation on the other, an interior trend that propagates both conscious consumption and simplicity is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Over 200,000 trees for Ethiopia!

Our trees will absorb over half a million kg of CO₂ from the atmosphere within only 5 years

Finally, some good news in these otherwise more than upsetting times: since we started our reforestation project in Ethiopia at the end of 20019, we have already been able to plant over 200,000 trees – that’s more than 160 football pitches full of trees! Those trees will absorb over half a million kilograms of CO₂ from the atmosphere within only […]

Home Is Where Your Art Is

Wall Art For The Mid-Century Modern Interior Trend

Do you know your own interior style? Not even that easy to answer, is it? When we look around our apartments, we often find a colorful mix of styles, old and new, elegant and daring, cozy and stylish. Grandma’s old vanity meets kilim carpet from Anatolia, which has made itself comfortable right next to the […]

Growing and flourishing in Shebedino

Our reforestation project in Ethiopia in December 2021

The rain came late this year – but when it rained, it poured. Not only could our saplings therefore be planted in August as planned, the survival rate of the planted seedlings is also particularly high this year!

Home Is Where Your Art Is: Boho Chic

The hippies would have loved these boho-style prints

Let’s be honest – when is it ever allowed to do pretty much anything you like while recreating a particular interior trend? And how very likeable is a style that encourages us to break rules or to simply make our own? An interior style that invites us to throw everything we like together? The boho […]

For many years already this interior trend has been a steady companion to many people: the Scandi Chic. It should be a household name even for interior grouches, as a not entirely unknown Swedish furniture store made it popular a long time ago. Today we would like to explain to you in more detail how […]

Home Is Where Your Art Is: Maximalism

Because sometimes, more is actually more in interior design

“Maximalism”. That sounds grandiose, weighty – almost ostentatious. The name of a Roman emperor, perhaps? But don’t worry, the opposite is actually the case: Maximalism as an interior trend usually comes across as relaxed, cozy, cheerful and full of character.

After having shown you in the first two parts of our Home Is Where Your Art Is series the types of picture formations that look best on your wall, today we will explain in detail some rules of thumb for hanging pictures which you should always bear in mind.

Tree Amount
Since 2021 we've already been able to plant 347.099 trees thanks to the wall art sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 27.767.920 kg CO₂ within the next five years and improve the living conditions of the people locally.