Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

1. Photocircle: the advantages at a glance
2. How is the money for social projects generated and how is it used?
3. Is Photocircle more expensive than "normal" photo platforms?
4. Do I get a donation certificate?
5. How do I know my money actually supports the project?
6. What amount will be donated to the partner organisation?
7. How did you come up with the idea behind Photocircle?
8. What's your vision?

Questions about payment and shipping

1. How do I pay for my order?
2. Is my Photocircle order safe?
3. Why haven't I received an order confirmation or receipt?
4. Do I need a customer account?
5. How long is the production time?
6. How much is shipping and how will you send my order?
7. Is my order insured?

Questions for our photographers and illustrators

1. Why should I sell my pictures via Photocircle?
2. I would like to print my own pictures: does Photocircle offer color management?
3. How do I sell my photos over Photocircle?
4. What kinds of photos / illustrations are you looking for?
5. How much can I earn?
6. What colour mode do you use?

Questions about our products

1. Which products do you offer?
2. Does your product include a mounting apparatus?
3. What's so special about your printing quality?
4. What's special about your acrylic glass pictures?
5. What's so special about your Alu Dibonds?
6. What's so special about your canvas?

Questions about our projects and project partners

1. How do you choose your projects?
2. How do you choose your project partners?
3. When is the money transferred to the project partner?

Questions about printing your own pictures

1. What do I need to know when printing my own pictures?
2. Do you offer photo editing?
3. Which file format should I upload so that I get optimal printing results?
4. How can I make sure that the colors of my print match those on my monitor?
5. How high should the resolution of my file be in order to get the best printing results?
Tree Amount
Since 2021 we've already been able to plant 352.112 trees thanks to the wall art sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 28.168.960 kg CO₂ within the next five years and improve the living conditions of the people locally.