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Thanks to your amazing support, we could finance our second project in Berlin. With the project support gathered over the last months we are now able to improve the educational opportunities of three children with Arab migrant background in Berlin by giving them private lessons and coaching. The outstanding work and engagement of Schülerpaten Berlin […]

A few weeks ago we launched a survey and asked you in which country we should support our next a project. Your decision: Burkina Faso. Today we are very happy to introduce you to our new partner and present to you our new project. The project from the small NGO Netzwerk Wunschträume (Network Dreamworks) was suggested […]

With finely woven nets on bamboo frames, Ismail Hossain and his cousin Bashar fish for shrimp larvae in the surf. They sell their catch to the local shrimp farms. After the cyclone Sidr, the price for the larvae has dropped from 200 Taka ($2.00) per Hundred to 50 Taka ($0.50) per Hundred. This shot was […]

“European boxing continues to be pure force. We move like salsa dancers. It allows us to defend ourselves better and we suffer less….like the young Muhammad Ali”, Cuban boxing coach Garbey says. This photo shows his boxing school for kids in Havana. It was taken by German photographer Simon Bode. With his photos you can […]

Please join us today for the first Girl Friday gallery production. The exhibition is a discovery and exploration of FREEDOM through the lens of four young female photographers – Jessica Polar, Justina, Wilhelm, Ottilie Maters and Marta Suslow. The intent of the organizers is to tell a visual story of the pursuit of freedom through […]

In our young history – thanks to your support – we have already completed 3 of our projects. Due to the tragic death of our godchild, Jyoti, we had to stop our project in India. Now, we would like to start a new project and get you involved. In which country would you like us to […]

Yesterday we received a very sad letter from our project partner Plan International. With deep regret we have to announce that on February 7th our godchild Jyoti has died after a strong fever. We have supported Jyoti since June in the hope to help her to have a better future through the implementation of development projects in her […]

Yesterday we completed our project in Indonesia! Thanks to your support we were able to take over a one year sponsorship of Miko, one of the last orangutans on earth. According to UN data in 2022, about 98 percent of the world’s rain forests will be destroyed. The rapid deforestation of tropical primary forests, large […]

His belly shows a big scar that reminds him of an episode spent in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Rio. He is the photographer of this picture – Andreas Weiser. It was a tough yet important time for him, he says. Ten years later in a tiny village on the Brazilian island […]

We have a winner in our photo competition! Daniel Schoenen raised 113,52 € for our projects with the sale of this photos. Today we sent him his Canon EOS D60. Congratulations Daniel!!! Simon Bode raised amazing 88,45 € and became second. We would, however, not only like to thank those two, but every single one of our photographers for […]

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 130.852 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 10.468.160 kg CO₂ within the next five years.