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On grey days like this one here in Berlin, we are a little afraid of the long upcoming winter. Looking at beautiful landscapes like this one, we feel better though. You can buy this beautiful caption by Frank Sussbauer on Photocircle in his gallery. For this photo we would recommend you our acrylic glass prints. […]

Girish Menons’ love for photography already started in school when his teacher would show him photographs of the places that they were studying about in school at the end of every geography lesson. Back then, he tells us, neither did they have access to the Internet nor relevant books that they could refer to. “These photos, […]

In Bangladesh, over three million children don’t go to school. Children with no access to education mostly come from poor families because they simply lack the money to pay for school. But education is incredibly important for children. In order to find a fair paid job, you need to be able to read, write and […]

We entered the final stage of the “Brain beats capital” start-up competition and need your votes to win. Until 05.10. you can vote for us in just two seconds clicking HERE ➔ https://www.entrepreneurship.de/wettbewerb2012/photocircle/

We are supporting the great work of the BOS Foundation to save the lives of the last orangutans on earth. By buying these beautiful photos you can help too! Miko didn’t even reach his first year of age, when he was being confiscated in a village near Sebangau national park in Kalimantan (Indonesia). The nature […]

  … “Night over Ho-Chi-Minh-City” by Michael Schöppner “I will never forget the night in which I took this shot. It didn’t happen anything special. Quite the opposite – nothing had happend. It was unbearably hot and humid outside and I stayed up until late at night. I was hungry and actually intended to go […]

… “Boy and Girl” by  Nasos Zovoilis “I was in one of the most crowded streets in Athens and I was waiting for an interesting person to get a shot of. I just took a few shots of random people passing by and I already wanted to move on. But then I saw those two kids […]

We are often asked: “what makes your canvas so special?” Now, we offer our customers no cheap synthetic canvas copy but canvas fabric made of 100 % cotton. The natural texture gives it its unique structure and natural shine. After printing we put our canvas on a wooden frame. Our frames are not extremely stable. […]

Beyond being very cute, goats and pigs are a valuable addition to a family. Many families in Asia and Africa depend on their cattle (cows, pigs, goats or camels) as their only source of income. These days climate change is increasingly threatening their way of life. Due to long periods of drought many of their animals die. With your […]

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 142.253 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 11.380.240 kg CO₂ within the next five years.