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Home is where your art is: Learn about our artists and social projects, interior trends and much more

The dutch photographer Rob van Kessel has been living in Cologne for twelve years now. His work as a pilot enables him to capture the world’s beaming cities every week. But he has also dedicated a website to his adopted home Cologne: WirLiebenKoeln.de. Rob van Kessel brings out a few of his shots for Photocircle. You […]

We have still trouble believing it ourselves. After months of hard work, we are finally online! From now on you can upload and order your own images or buy photos from our photographers on PHOTOCIRCLE. Why should you do that? We give you three unbeatable reasons: You get great photos in top-class quality at fair prices […]

Private lessons and coaching could improve the educational chances of many schoolkids in Berlin from a migration background. At the same time students show an enormous potential of social engagement. Schülerpaten Berlin e.V. brings both voluntary students and children with Arab roots together. By placing students as tutors for the children the project seeks to […]

Ever thought about sponsoring a child in a foreign country? Plan International is one of the biggest children’s fund that offers sponsorships in over 50 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin Amercia. The independent organisation has been working for more than 75 years and reaches about 3 Million people today. With your help Photocircle will […]

Meet Photocircle‘s first customer: The artist Ines Kouidis. Even though we’re not online, yet, she has already ordered one of her own collages with us that portrays Sophia Loren. Ines Kouidis is telling her story with newspaper clips and pictures from the 50ies and 60ies, with advertisements for beauty products like soap, moisturizer and lipstick […]

We are proud to have acquired the German UN refugee agency as a partner for Photocircle. With your order at Photocircle you will be able to support relief projects for refugees from Somalia, Mali and Sudan. The UN refugee agency as fundraising partner of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) is performing unbureaucratic […]

My second week at Photocircle has started and I’m a geek to be excited about monday. But working at the Social Impact Lab is exciting, surrounded by people with (other) great ideas who are also nice. Last week the visit of a charming lady dog, berserk yelling in the neighbour office (that turned out to be part […]

We are working hard to launch Photocircle as soon as possible so you can order high class pictures while supporting social projects allover the world. From now on I will be contributing to the online marketing as well as to the female rate of the team. While my name Gianna might suggest otherwise, I don’t have any […]

If high quality canvas isn’t used, the best print will have no effect. That’s why we would never offer you synthetic material and use only canvas from 100% cotton. In this way our pictures have an especially appealing structure that only natural canvas has. When choosing our wooden frames, we don’t use any unstable wedge […]

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 142.253 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 11.380.240 kg CO₂ within the next five years.