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Home is where your art is: Learn about our artists and social projects, interior trends and much more

It’s that time of the year again! The birds are singing, the sun is out again and we can finally hide our winter coats in the darkest corners of our wardrobes for a looong time. Here’s our photographers take on the season of new beginnings!

Everyone likes to celebrate. You get yummy cakes, tasty drinks… but most importantly you share your joy with the people you love. Today is a very special day for us and we’d like to share our joy with you. We’re celebrating our 50th project financed.  In our young history we provided a whole community in […]

Rumi Hara is an illustrator and comic artist living in New York City.  She creates colorful watercolor illustrations with quirky, playful characters for magazines and other publications. She frequently appears in comic arts events with her mini comics and zines for both young and adult readers. In 2015, Rumi received the Silver Medal from the […]

One of the most urgent humanitarian projects we’ve been able to fund lately is our cooperation with the UNHCR; the goal was to help support Syrian and Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) throughout the winter. We were able to raise EUR 800 to this end. Here’s a little update from the UNHCR on […]

Jan Møller Hansen is a self-taught, award-winning photographer, who specializes in visual story telling and social documentary. Photography, he says, helps him get closer to reality – he aims to expose the viewer to “the endless facets of our facinating world”.

The past few weeks have been crazy here at Photocircle – you know, the good kind. Project after project got finished, and so we’ve been able to support victims of human trafficking in the USA, disbaled children in Bosnia & Herzegovina, refugees on the Mediterranean, flood victims in Myanmar and socially disadvantaged youth in Germany. […]

Catalina Villegas is an illustrator from Colombia. She loves star gazing, clouds, yoga, moving, thinking, connecting, alfalfa sprouts, pasta, tofu, dark chocolate, chihuahuas, silence, loud music, chilly weather, the ocean, speaking her heart out, succulents, lavender, freedom, classic rock, curly hair, and staying barefoot all day long. We love Catalina.

You’ve probably already noticed it: something’s different, something new has sneaked its way onto our website – something that doesn’t look like photography at all… Together with a handful of selected international graphic designers and illustrators, we have put together a selection of drawings, designs and collages for the first time ever on our website! Now […]

This is where we share updates on our partner NGOs’ work with you – so that you, our friends and loyal customers, too can see where the funds raised by us went, what they were used for and whom they’ve helped. Today: the Kovalam Surf Club in India.

Great news – with your help, we raised €600 so three youngsters in Cambodia can get skateboarding lessons and arts education for six months! Since Skateistan began their work in 2007 they’ve brought together youth of all ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Skateistan began as a grassroots ‘Sport for Development’ project on the streets of Kabul in 2007, and […]

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 142.253 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 11.380.240 kg CO₂ within the next five years.