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Home is where your art is: Learn about our artists and social projects, interior trends and much more

We want to give back to the people and countries that make our photos unique! That’s why a part of our sales goes to social projects in the region the photo was taken in. So at Photocircle you not only get a great product, you also make the world a little better. Just because we […]

… “Freedom” by Mikael Jansson “This photo was taken at Lake Toba in North Sumatra (Indonesia) on the day after my wedding. Me and my wife had a lot of stress during the year before our wedding because we had to plan a big celebration for about 500 people with me sitting in Sweden while my […]

Last week we attended the end-of-project party of the initiative Berlin teilt. That means Berlin shares and so we shared a little bit of art on this occasion. Photocircle donated a wonderful acrylic glass picture by Rob van Kessel to be sold in an auction. We made the new owner pose for a picture with […]

Today at 12:00 am our first Photocircle contest has ended. Every registered photographer had the chance to upload a photo to our Facebook-Page www.facebook.com/photocircle.net and collect as much likes as possible. We congratulate our three winners. Have fun with your Photocircle gift cards! We also thank everyone who participated in our contest and voted for our photographers. […]

Thirteen-year-old Jakob Berr didn’t anticipate what an impact it would have on his career, when his older brother took him to a photo laboratory that used to be their Dad’s before he passed away. Today he refers to it as “A chain of cause and effect that inevitably led to my profession as a photojournalist. […]

„Congratulations! You were being nominated for the start-up competition Kopf schlägt Kapital 2012!“. We just received the news and we’re very happy about it! The competition is being organized by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship and wants to support new entrepreneurs that have little capital but convince with a well thought-out concept. The winner of the […]

Four weeks have passed since our online launch and we think it’s about time for our first photography contest! This is how it works: Every registered photographer has the chance to upload a photo to our Facebook-Page www.facebook.com/photocircle.net. The three photographers with the most liked photos will be presented on our blog and receive a […]

Last week we were really happy to get some news from Sannchay. Our 10 year old godchild wrote us a nice letter and sent us this drawing. The ten year old little girl Sannchay lives with her parents, a sister and three brothers in a wooden house with a rooftop made of palmleaves and grass. […]

Many travellers share a passion for photography and unique motifs. But being confronted with the utter poverty and plight in many countries, it is also common to feel obliged to help. It is therefore not surprising that lots of ideas apart from Photocircle have developed like this. It was also a concern that sociologist Janneke […]

One week has passed since our official launch and we are absolutely overwhelmed by your feedback. We have worked very hard to make it to this point and still can’t believe that we are online! Last week we made it on the Wall Street Journal Blog, leading technology blogs like Gigacom reported about Photocircle and we […]

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 142.253 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 11.380.240 kg CO₂ within the next five years.