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Education for a child from Khayelitsha township

A Project By Myoli e.V.


Project Status

Project Goal: 1.220,00 €
Financed: 1.220,00 €
Missing: 0,00 €

Education for a child from Khayelitsha township

Project Goals

With your help, Myoli e.V. grants a scholarship to a child from the township of Khayelitsha near (Cape Town) to ensure the child’s education for one year.

Project Location

South Africa, Africa

Project Details

Many children in South Africa live in townships under poor conditions and in extreme poverty. As a consequence, they are forced to beg, and often become criminal, or take drugs. Very often, their parents are too poor to provide these children with the opportunity of an education - while this would be their only chance to escape this vicious cycle.

The association Myoli e.V. and its volunteers in Germany and on the ground give selected children from the township of Khayelitsha access to education by granting them “Go4Education” scholarships.

This project allows you to help a child to fully concentrate on its education for an entire year. Not only will tuition fees be paid for, but also books as well as a school uniform. In addition, a weekly care package with healthy food will be provided for them. All this amounts to a total of €1,220.00 per child and year.

Myoli e.V. will ensure that your support is sustainable: diligent children will have the opportunity to be further supported through scholarships at the end of the scholarship.

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 154.977 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 12.398.160 kg CO₂ within the next five years.