San Francisco wall art

A non conventional Californian city with slopping hills, foggy skies and a thriving cultural center.

Beautiful wall art, curated just for you? Photocircle helps you prettify your walls, while slowly but steadily changing the world, picture by picture. Our mission: to give back to the people and countries that make our pictures unique. With each art print you buy, we donate to development projects all over the world.

With a population of under one million people, the cultural hub and the financial district of California is the known for being on one of the worlds most active tectonic plates. The city famously burned to the ground in a 1906 earthquake completely destroying the architecture.

Besides from being famous for the shaking ground, San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge draws in many admirers. Culturally, the bridge has appeared in countless movies, television shows and is the cities landmark and point of reference. As San Francisco is situated in a peninsula, it is also renowned for having low foggy skies and rolling hills through the city, which in turn makes for endless photographic possibilities. Have a look through our fog category of photos and see the beautiful mystique of a hazy day.

San Francisco has an extremely lively cultural environment; with a thriving art scene, cosmopolitan coffee culture, and many festivals happening throughout the year. In 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek voted San Francisco as America's Best City, which is no surprise as the city is bustling with entertainment such as a “Bay to Breakers” a 12k race that ends with a festival called “Footstock”. In June every year, San Francisco is host to the world’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender LGBT festival with live entertainment, speeches and over 300 market stalls.

San Francisco has always been culturally rich, but also with a growing industry of new internet based companies, it’s thriving. From, Goodle, Facebook and Twitter, San Francisco holds all of their main headquarters, nicknamed Silicone Valley. It has attracted large numbers of white-collar workers that has driven up the standard of living considerably. On an aside, San Francisco is also known for being the place that holds the best Star Trek conventions.

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