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Sponsorship for baby orangutan Miko

A Project By BOS Foundation


Project Status

Project Goal: 120,00 €
Financed: 120,00 €
Missing: 0

Sponsorship for baby orangutan Miko

Project Goals

With your support Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) undertakes a one year-long sponsorship for orangutan orphan Miko in one of BOS's rehabilitation wards. The sponsorship helps to finance the wards, which take care of wounded and displaced orangutans. There, they can get medical treatment and care. Especially orphaned baby orangutan have to learn all the skills needed to survive in the rainforest in freedom, before their reintroduction to the wild. 

Project Location

Indonesia, Asia

BOS / C. Szyska BOS / C. Szyska
BOS / R. Sastrawan BOS / R. Sastrawan

Project Details

Miko didn't even reach his first year of age, when he was being confiscated in a village near Sebangau national park in Kalimantan. The nature conservation authority had received information about an illegally held orangutan. They found the baby orangutan in the mittle of an abandoned house and informed the BOS team. Miko was tiny and very weak. His wounds on hands and feet were being treated and thanks to infusions he soon got better. At BOS, human foster mothers supervise orangutans like Miko around the clock. Intensive care and loving support is very important for young orangutan like Miko because in nature, baby orangutan live very close to their mother until the age of eight. 

When the orangutan are big and strong enough, they are being relocated to the so called "playground", where Miko nowadays is also living. There he learns to experiment with natural food and gets used to forest living. Every day the orangutans are observed for several hours in the stations. Their behaviour is documented until the time comes for their reintroduction to the wild.  

Tree Amount
Since 2021 we've already been able to plant 345.040 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 27.603.200 kg CO₂ within the next five years.