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With a population of approximately 3.4 million people, the capital of Germany is the most populous city in the Federal Republic, and the second largest in the EU right after London. Besides famous sights like the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower or the Reichstag Building, the metropolis attracts new inhabitants, and more than ten million tourists per year with its pulsating creative, cultural and party scene.

„Poor, but sexy“ – this statement by the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, has been the city’s unofficial slogan since 2003. And although character and looks of this restless city keep changing by the hour, there’s more than just a germ of truth to the mayor’s observation: unlike other major cities, such as Paris, London or New York, Berlin does not define itself by pomp and circumstance or oversized skyscrapers. Its charm mainly consists of understatement, and the art of creating something new out of nothing. Artists, students and company founders from all over the world come to the city in flocks to embrace the unique potpourri of squads, open air festivals, the city’s culinary richness, “Ostalgie” (nostalgia for the supposed delights of the GDR) and gallery openings.

At the same time, Berlin is lived history: Prussia, WW2 and the following years of reconstruction and division – all of those topics are within one’s grasp here (and quite often within just a few feet of distance from one another). For those who are not into German history, ancient Greece and Islamic art are just a stone’s throw away at the Pergamonmuseum – otherwise, there’s world-class art right next door at the Old National Gallery.

Yet, more than anything else, whoever is coming to Berlin is hoping for one thing: to be able to express, and experiment with one’s own personality, surrounded by the famous nonchalance of the Berliners. Regardless of whether one is a punk, a yuppie, an artist or pub owner; old, young, newcomer or old hand – the German capital is a melting pot for cultures, lifestyles, convictions and characters. In Berlin, so the theory goes, everything’s allowed – and, to a certain extend: desirable. Since sometimes, or that’s what it seems like, the city is toying with its wonkiness and openness in order to stand out from the rest of Germany (or, frankly, the rest of the world).

Our photographers captured the many faces of this colorful city – its raw charm, as well as its architectural gems and the vivid green of its manifold parks and gardens – from a variety of perspectives in their pictures. Order your favorite photographs and add value to your walls with our fine art photography of Berlin.

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