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Sponsor Maicol in Colombia

A Project By Plan International


Project Status

Project Goal: 336,00 €
Financed: 336,00 €
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Sponsor Maicol in Colombia

Project Goals

With this sponsorship you strengthen children's and women's rights in the Colombian region of Villanueva and contributes to the construction of sanitary facilities.

Project Location

Colombia, Latin America and Caribbean

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Project Details

Maicol will be six years old this year. With his family he lives in Villanueva, a region in the northern Colombian state of Bolivar. They live in a small wooden house with a tin rooftop. During the rainseason Maicols family draws water from a basin behind their house, whereas water is scarce during the dry season. There is no sewage system and Maicols family doesn't possess their own latrine. Also a sustainable waste disposal is lacking in Villanueva.

Violence against children, drug addiction and a high pregnancy rate among youngsters are common. Some children and women are exposed to sexual exploitation and abuse. Moreover the educational infrastructure is insufficient.

By supporting a sponsorship for Maicol you can contribute to restoring children's rights in Villanueva and to making drinking water accessible. The sponsorship encourages the construction of schools and sanitary facilities.

For this purpose the organisation Plan International will organize information campaigns and work together with teachers, parents and young adolescents. According to the approach of the organisation communal development is reinforced by sustaining children's rights and by breaking the circle of poverty and the subsequent inability of children to participate in social processes. Thus children like Maicol, their families and communities are actively involved in different projects and programmes. The sponsorship costs 28€ a month.

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