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Winter Packages for Syrian refugees

A Project By CARE


Project Status

Project Goal: 600,00 €
Financed: 600,00 €
Missing: 0

Winter Packages for Syrian refugees

Project Goals

€600 will buy much needed winter aid for 5 refugee families: a Winter CARE Package including a stove, fuel, blankets and winter clothing for a family of six costs €120.

Project Location

Syria, Asia

Project Details

More than 13 million Syrians are currently on the run. Most of them have been on the road for months and have little more than the summer clothes they wore when they left their homes. Now, at the onset of winter, their survival is at risk.

Neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey or Egypt have long reached their limits. Bridges, tents built from garbage or empty shell constructions serve as accommodation for many displaced families, as only a small part finds refuge in camps. Many of them live under completely inhumane conditions.

CARE helps refugee families in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to better protect themselves against the beginning of winter. CARE visits refugees in their homes and provides them with much needed Winter CARE Packages: 6 blankets, winter clothes, shoes as well as stoves and fuel. As the use of furnaces in tents can be dangerous, CARE also trains the families and shows them where they can find counseling services and other assistance.

CARE staff member Johanna Mitscherlich has been working for for over a year with refugees in Jordan: "I can barely describe the misery I experience here on a daily basis - nor the happiness and relief triggered by a warm blanket."

Tree Amount
Since 2020 we've already been able to plant 341.764 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 27.341.120 kg CO₂ within the next five years.