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Giving the gift of life in Sierra Leone

A project by German Doctors


Project status

Project Goal: 2.000,00 €
Financed: 496,50 €
Missing: 1.503,50 €

Giving the gift of life in Sierra Leone

Project goals

With €2,000, we can provide 400 mothers-to-be with medical supervision while giving birth.

Project Location

Sierra Leone, Africa

Project Details

In Sierra Leone, too many women still die during or after giving birth to their children. Most die at home, some on the way to the hospital, on motorcycles or on foot. Less than half of the births are accompanied by trained staff and not even every fifth birth takes place in a medical facility. Also, medical care during the pregnancy is completely insufficient, which additionally increases the risk of dying for the mothers to be. Therefore, German Doctors offer free screenings at their hospital to pregnant women and facilitate a safe childbirth under medical supervision. In addition, a surgeon who can perform a life-saving C-section in case of emergency is present at the clinic at all times.

Also for children, the mortality rate is extremely high in Sierra Leone; 120 out of 1,000 children do not live until their fifth birthday. German Doctors therefore offer free medical care for children in need of assistance.

On top of that, undernourished children receive much-needed food through their feeding program. The goal is to encourage people to bring sick children to the German Doctors as quickly as possible. Only this way is it possible for doctors to save lives in cases of severe diseases, such as Malaria.

Help our volunteer doctors safe lives in Sierra Leone!

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