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Sponsor Dalia in Egypt

A Project By Plan International


Project Status

Project Goal: 336,00 €
Financed: 336,00 €
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Sponsor Dalia in Egypt

Project Goals

This project grants economic and social support to eight-year-old Dalia for one year. The sponsorship will contribute to a safe access to drinking water in Dalia's village and encourage girls to go to school. 

Project Location

Egypt, Africa

Plan Plan
Plan Plan
Plan Plan

Project Details

Eight-year-old Dalia lives in the village of Dahshour not far from Cairo with her sister, parents and brothers. She attends an elementary school half an hour away from her home. The schoolbuilding is in poor condition, so are the latrines and playgrounds. Girls like Dalia are often kept from attending school in order to help their mothers at home and get married at young age.

A lacking supply of drinking water is one of the greatest problems in Dahshour. There is no reliable source of safe drinking water and the villagers often suffer from diarrhea. As groundwater mixes with the water from filtering tanks, infectious diseases spread and even house walls are threatened by contaminated water.

Dalia, her family and community will be supported by the sponsorship in terms of a better education, health and development. School buildings will be renovated and teachers will be trained to increase awareness for the importance of education, particularly for girls. A focal point for the organisation Plan International is to improve the availability of drinking water in Dahshour and to provide an access to health services at the same time.

According to the organisation's approach communal development is reinforced by sustaining children's rights and by breaking the circle of poverty and the subsequent inability of children to participate in social processes. Thus children like Dalia, their families and communities are actively involved in different projects and programmes.

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