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Medicine for Syrian Refugees

A Project By CARE


Project Status

Project Goal: 600,00 €
Financed: 600,00 €
Missing: 0

Medicine for Syrian Refugees

Project Goals

More than two million people fled Syria. Most of them have little more than the clothes they were wearing when they left their homes. With 600 € you can help provide much needed medicine for seven refugees.

Project Location

Jordan, Asia

Care Care
Care Care

Project Details

About 2.3 Million Syrians are on the run. Most of them had to leave most of their belongings behind and do not own more than what they are wearing. Medicine is crucial for many of them, especially for those who couldn't take theirs with them on the long journey to safety. 73% of all refugee families are already in dept because of the living costs that they face away from home. Providing medicine will ease their need for basic medical care.

CARE supports Syrian refugee families mainly with cash. With the money the organisation helps the refugees to meet the most basic needs of clothing, food medicine and housing. Since three quarters of the refugees are women and children Care also tries to provide protection for women against sexual assaults and provides education for their children. "In the last three months the number of Syrians in Jordan increased enormously," says the Jordanian CARE employee Eman Khatib. "Most Syrians were on the run for days and do not have much more than the clothes they are wearing." CARE want to increase its efforts in Syria and Photocircle wants to help in this effort.

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