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Emergency aid after Cyclone Haiyan

A Project By CARE


Project Status

Project Goal: 240,00 €
Financed: 240,00 €
Missing: 0,00 €

Emergency aid after Cyclone Haiyan

Project Goals

We provide CARE packages containing tools and materials that allow 10 families to repair their own home. 

13.2 million people were affected by the strongest typhoon ever to hit the coast, 4 million people lost their homes, about 5.200 their lives. After completing our first project on the Phillippines, we want to continue to provide assistance and increase our contribution.

Project Location

Philippines, Asia

Care / Caton Care / Caton
Care / Caton Care / Caton
Care / Caton Care / Caton

Project Details

With over 350 kilometres per hour and a diameter of 600 kilometres typhoon  Haiyan hit the Philippines. No electricity. No food. No water. Houses and buildings leveled. Bodies scattered on the streets. Hospitals overrun with patients. Medical supplies running out.

"I do not know what to do and where to go," says a young girl. "I try to somehow survive this day. But what will be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? Nothing is like it is was before, everybody, everything is lost…."

CARE is delivering food, water, shelter and other essentials to the survivors of typhoon Haiyan, which has torn a path across the Philippines. As many as 10,000 people are feared dead while 9.8 million people have suffered the impact of the storm.

Drinking water, tents, blankets, food and medicines are the most important thing the affected people need now in order to survive.

Also we want to help: With 80 € we can provide one family with emergency aid for one month. 

Since early October 2019 we've already been able to plant 154.977 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 12.398.160 kg CO₂ within the next five years.