Fight poverty with animals

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Project Goal: 60,00 €
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Fight poverty with animals

Project Goals

Beyond being very cute, goats are a valuable addition to a family. Goats can produce milk which in turn provides nutrition and protein. And a pair of breeding goats can produce baby goats, which can then be traded or sold to another family for vegetables, fruit and other necessities. Goats therefore serve poor families as an important source of income. By supporting this project you help raising money to buy goats for a family in Niger. The price for a pair of breeding goats is 60 €.

Project Location

Niger, Africa

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Project Details

Many families in Asia and Africa depend on their cattle (cows, pigs, goats or camels) as their only source of income. These days climate change is increasingly threatening their way of life. Due to long periods of drought many of their animals die. 

With your support, CARE works to prevent this development through the construction of schools, wells and village shops - and through increasing the livestock. Each family will receive a couple of goats that serve as a basis to build their own herd. A herd of goats contributes fertilizer and milk. By selling single animals the family can generate a little income.

Let's take Niger as an example: Around 18.000 Tuareg live at the southern fringe of the Sahara Desert. There, they have created a unique culture under harsh climatic conditions. But their existence is being threatened by climatic changes like droughts. 55-year-old Rahamou therefore received two goats which supplied several liters of milk each day for her family. Today, Rahamou takes care of a herd that consists out of more than 12 animals. "CARE has changed our lives", she explains. For an effective and sustainable help, agreements are being made within the village communities: Once a goat has offspring, the first baby goat will be given away to the village commitee. In this way more and more families will be provided with goats.

Tree Amount
Since 2020 we've already been able to plant 340.982 trees thanks to the pictures sold on Photocircle. They will absorb approximately 27.278.560 kg CO₂ within the next five years.