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Support schools in Guinea-Bissau

A Project By Plan International


Project Status

Project Goal: 200,00 €
Financed: 200,00 €
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Support schools in Guinea-Bissau

Project Goals

This project strengthens community schools in the Bafatá area and improves the quality of the curriculum.

Project Location

Guinea-Bissau, Africa

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Plan Plan
Plan Plan

Project Details

Guinea Bissau is one of the smallest countries in West Africa. Its inhabitants are still suffering from the aftermath of the civil war that took place during the last years of the 1990s. Many children are denied access to education. Guinea Bissau’s education system has a twofold challenge to take up: to enhance the access to education and to improve the quality of the educational content.

This project takes measures to increase the number of children with an access to education, to improve the quality of the curriculum and the equipment of community schools in the Bafatá project area. For that purpose teachers will be trained and 5th and 6th classes will be established. The capacity of local organisations and local administrations will also be strengthened so that community schools can operate on a sustainable foundation in the middle and long term.

By supporting this project you can contribute to enabling a whole generation of children to grow up with advanced education and to take an active part in the further development of their country.

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