Your photo exhibition

Together with 30 of our photographers, we successfully curated our first exhibition in Berlin in July 2013. Many more followed since then - and we have (co-) planned and produced an even higher number of exhibitions for photo clubs and individual artists.

Organizing an exhibition is a lot of work, especially if you don’t have much help. Many questions need answers: what materials should I use to print my pictures? Which formats would work best? Should I frame my prints and if so, how?

We are here to support you and give answers. The following are our services:


• Printing and advice around formats, product types etc.

• Photo editing

• Discounts for larger orders

We will help you find a social project with one of our partner NGOs that you will be able to support through your exhibition.

For a quote, please e-mail or call us: or +49 (0)30 788 971 95.

Make your exhibitions with us!