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Encourage creative energy - tear down social barriers

A project by Students Help to Live


Project status

Project Goal: 698,00 $
Financed: 713,21 $
Missing: 0,00 $

Encourage creative energy - tear down social barriers

Project goals

With your contribution to this project, you support the creation of a positive image of physically and/or mentally challenged people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In creative workshops, children with and without disabilities meet and learn to overcome prejudice and contact anxieties in a playful manner. 450 Euro will cover the costs for materials, snacks, travel expenses and supervisors' salaries.

Project Location

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Project Details

Mit 450 Euro können wir die Kosten für Material, eine kleine Verpflegung, Fahrtkosten und Betreuer begleichen.

Physically and/or mentally challenged children often face social marginalization. In addition to existing infrastructural barriers and a diverse range of stereotypes, there are almost no supportive institutions for children with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Consequently, these children cannot go to school and mostly rely on themselves and their parents, who are often unable to handle the situation by themselves.

Such experiences have a negative impact on the children and result in a lack of self-confidence - and in many cases in serious social exclusion. Personal encounters and the reduction of caveats help to strengthen a positive image of people with disabilities and to facilitate social inclusion.

There is strong evidence that children and young people generally are open-minded and like to make new friends. Through our partner organization Koraci Nade, which will implement the workshops, the children receive further support through therapiy and creative projects such as arts and crafts, theatre and music. This provides them with new opportunities to explore and develop their talents and skills.

As a result, these children can become self-confident and independent personalities.

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