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Fight poverty with animals

A project by CARE


Project status

Project Goal: 81,00 $
Financed: 81,40 $
Missing: 0,00 $

Fight poverty with animals

Project goals

Pigs serve poor families as an important source of income. By supporting this project you help raising money to buy a piglet for a family in Myanmar. Two piglets cost 60 €.

Project Location

Myanmar, Asia

Care ph: Care
Care ph: Care
care ph: care

Project Details

Many families in Asia and Africa depend on their cattle (cows, pigs, goats or camels) as their only source of income. These days climate change is increasingly threatening their way of life. Due to long periods of drought many of their animals die. 

With your support, CARE works to prevent this development through the construction of schools, wells and village shops - and through increasing the livestock. With this project you contribute to buying a piglet for a family in Myanmar. Two piglets costs 60 € and serve as a basis for a new source of income.  

In Myanmar, about 32 million people are displaced in their own country. The current situation is unstable. There is a lack of food, schools, education, medicines and hygiene. Like always the poor suffer the most from this situation. Breeding pigs represents a new source of income that can help the farmers and their families to find a way out of poverty. 

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