Ode to Berlin

Photography from the city by the river Spree

The Berliners are unfriendly and inconsiderate, gruff and self-opinionated, Berlin is repulsive, loud, dirty and grey, construction works and blocked streets wherever you go. But I feel sorry for those who can’t live here.

Anneliese Bödecker



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Solar Bridge Schools in Rajasthan

An update on our project with the Barefoot College

A while ago, we funded our project with the Barefoot College in Rajasthan. So we thought we’d give you a little update on what happened with the money we donated to India:

The futures of children, who work at a young age, is mapped out from the beginning: working as a child, accepting smaller jobs later, and barely being able to provide for the family as an adult. Thus, poverty carries on from generation to generation. In the Solar Bridge School, children, who work during the day, benefit from a basic education – as they study in the evening, by the light of solar lanterns. The schools are located directly in the villages where the children live and work.

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More Art for Everyone

Framed Posters as a Way of Life

Posters are for teenagers only? Our framed art prints prove the opposite: they are uncomplicated and classy, modern and elegant at the same time. Combined with our top-notch, handmade wooden frames and mounts, they make every wall look as good as new. Whether you g for a black or a white frame, with or without passepartout, illustration or photograph – nothing pimps up bare walls as our high-quality art prints and classic frames, reflecting your very own personal style. Turn your home into a cozy retreat, stylish event hub for crazy dinner parties, a warm nest for your loved ones or your very own art gallery.

Check out our curators favorite framed art prints and see for yourself:

Arquitectura - Interiorismo

Framed poster for the nursery by Larvol Marianne, from €20


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Sending girls to school with the Afghan women’s association

We funded school education for 50 girls for an entire year!

Aaaaaaand another project completely financed: with your help, we raised €1,000.00 for a new girls’ school in Bojasar, Afghanistan. We were thus able to fund school education for 50 female 1st graders for an entire year! Our partner in Afghanistan, the Afghan Women’s Association, systematically supports Afghan women and children in the following areas: school education, vocational training / trades, construction of clean drinking water wells, healthcare / health education, emergency relief and family sponsorships.

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Art for everyone!

An end-of-summer makeover for your home

Our designer and our picture editors had a little creative session together last week, and this is what came out of it: some really gorgeous-looking ideas for how you can integrate our pieces of art into your own home. Voilà.

azambuja 2

Art prints for the kitchen – ‘Cocina‘ by Martin Azambuja on Alu Dibond Fine Art – from €30

mock up poster frames with vintage loft interior background

Framed prints by ‘Typealive‘ – from €50

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