The DOs and DON’Ts of Travel Photography

5 Handy Tips By Eva Stadler

Photocircle photographer Eva Stadler is a journalist, editor and project manager from Munich, Germany. She loves design and typography, and adores surprising photography. On Eva sells a selection of her pictures and supports development and humanitarian projects through her sales.

Every destination has its own culture, peculiarities and sights. How do you do your pre-trip location scouting?

When I have finally decided where to go (the bucket list is very, very long), I do a lot of online research. The first things I look for are the sights and vistas, important buildings or monuments, signature landscapes, clothes, people, markets, animals, even colors etc. What pictures are there already? What technique or angle could add a twist to a well-known motif? Since time is always limited, I’m planning every trip carefully. I try to concentrate on a few places I definitely want to see and at what time of day, and leave time and space for unexpected situations.

I try to figure out what it will be like at my chosen destination as a foreign woman with a huge camera and backpack and how people will react. Most travel guides offer advice on how, when, or where to take pictures without hurting feelings. I take these very seriously. It might not even have consequences, but it makes me feel bad if someone rolls their eyes at me or thinks I’m being rude.

PRADO 264 by Eva Stadler

PRADO 264 by Eva Stadler

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Photocircle ♥ LUNA designs

Brand-new vintage frames from South Africa

Since these things go like hot cakes, we got some new vintage picture frames by LUNA designs for our Berlin gallery. Our curator picked the perfect Photocircle print for each frame and voilà: stunning new combinations for your wall.

Photocircle Galerie in Berlin

Photocircle Gallery in Berlin

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Meet the latest additions to our project portfolio…

...and support worthwhile causes in Israel, Russia, India and the USA

Allow us to introduce our new project partners to you: Lensational, Tibet Charity Denmark, Runners Without Borders and A21.

As has always been our motto, we keep on diversifying the causes as well as the locations of our humanitarian and development projects as much as possible, so that we can reach marginalized people of all backgrounds and in all parts of the world. Lately, we’ve partnered up with quite a few new project partners who do amazing work in places as diverse as India, the USA, Israel and Russia. Please give a warm welcome to…

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Architectural Photography

The art of reinterpreting the ordinary

You live in them. You cross them. You climb up and down or on them. You look out of them. You walk through them. However, houses, bridges, stairs, windows and doors can be much more than just objects of everyday use. The genre of architectural photography offers so much, which makes the hearts of those beat faster, who love clear lines and refined picture composition. Often parallels to the abstract are recognizable – and in a minimalist manner, simplicity becomes art.

Architecture photography by Martin Schmidt: SPIRALE #2

Architecture photography by Martin Schmidt: SPIRALE #2

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Shop with purpose: sustainable gifts for your loved ones

Our wall art, calendars and vintage frames make for perfect Christmas presents

Ho ho ho! Is that you, Santa? Might as well be. It’s almost Christmas time again and we would like to inspire you to get your loved ones beautiful and meaningful presents this year, all at the same time: whenever you purchase our one of a kind wall art, photo calendars or postcard sets, Photocircle and its artists each donate to a humanitarian or development project somewhere in the world. Buy once, give twice.

To make it a bit easier for you not to postpone your Christmas shopping until the very last hours again, our early bird special saves you 15% on all our products till December 20th. Just use the voucher code JOLLY15 during checkout.

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