The Photocircle Conscious Gift Guide

Sustainable gift ideas that make everyone happy!

Are you already in the mood for looong queues, exchanging unwanted gifts and spending hours worrying about what else to give daddy this year besides a tie? Neither are we. That’s why we’ve prepared a little something for you: sustainable gift ideas that will make a lot of people happy – not only the recipient. We would absolutely put these karma boosters under our own Christmas tree!

And you know what else is nice about these gift ideas? You don’t even have to leave the house to do your Christmas shopping. Just make yourself some hot chocolate, get those thick woolen socks out of the drawer and off to the sofa you go.


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Putting people back in the picture

Photocircle exhibition at KUNST100 in Berlin

Art for a better world? You know that one already. Now it’s time for us to spread our wings and introduce ourselves to a new audience, at a great location:

What? Exhibition opening and live music by Jillski

When? October 7th from 5pm

Where? KUNST100, Görlitzer Str. 52, 10997 Berlin


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Wall art from the land of dreams

Your bedroom walls have never looked this good before

“Sleep is the best meditation”, the Dalai Lama says. We trust him on that, given that he’s a bit of an expert in the realm of meditation. Yet, one thing is true for both sleep and meditation: it’s not always easy to do a good job there. So we’re here to help – let’s create an environment that inspires you to sleep the sleep of the just, let’s get some art on your bedroom walls.

These are some of the ideas our curators had for your chambers. Because: dream big!

Bed room art by Ambra: Framed posters with a passe-partout

Bed room art by Ambra: Framed posters with a passe-partout

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Emerald city: green wall art for your home

Green art prints make your walls breathe hope, life and freshness

Finally – summer is here and long-awaited sunrays let the green of the plants and trees in front of our windows shine bright. The perfect opportunity to integrate a little more green into our everyday life as well!

Why? Because green is a very special color: it signifies life, freshness and fertility, relaxation, confidence and new beginnings – and many of us certainly associate it with breaks from the fast rhythm of our lives. A Sunday stroll in the forest, a weekend camping out at the lake, a week without telephone or internet in a remote mountain hut: nature is good for our mental health. Green means deceleration, digital detox and breathing. So the verdict is obvious: we need more green in our lives.

In addition to the most obvious solution (a mini-jungle for your window sill, balcony or living room), the color green also looks fabulous on your walls. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Poster and white wooden frame: GIANT LOBELIA RWENZORI by Boris Buschardt

Poster and white wooden frame: GIANT LOBELIA RWENZORI by Boris Buschardt

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