Meet the latest additions to our project portfolio…

...and support worthwhile causes in Israel, Russia, India and the USA

Allow us to introduce our new project partners to you: Lensational, Tibet Charity Denmark, Runners Without Borders and A21.

As has always been our motto, we keep on diversifying the causes as well as the locations of our humanitarian and development projects as much as possible, so that we can reach marginalized people of all backgrounds and in all parts of the world. Lately, we’ve partnered up with quite a few new project partners who do amazing work in places as diverse as India, the USA, Israel and Russia. Please give a warm welcome to…

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Solar Bridge Schools in Rajasthan

An update on our project with the Barefoot College

A while ago, we funded our project with the Barefoot College in Rajasthan. So we thought we’d give you a little update on what happened with the money we donated to India:

The futures of children, who work at a young age, is mapped out from the beginning: working as a child, accepting smaller jobs later, and barely being able to provide for the family as an adult. Thus, poverty carries on from generation to generation. In the Solar Bridge School, children, who work during the day, benefit from a basic education – as they study in the evening, by the light of solar lanterns. The schools are located directly in the villages where the children live and work.

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Sending girls to school with the Afghan women’s association

We funded school education for 50 girls for an entire year!

Aaaaaaand another project completely financed: with your help, we raised €1,000.00 for a new girls’ school in Bojasar, Afghanistan. We were thus able to fund school education for 50 female 1st graders for an entire year! Our partner in Afghanistan, the Afghan Women’s Association, systematically supports Afghan women and children in the following areas: school education, vocational training / trades, construction of clean drinking water wells, healthcare / health education, emergency relief and family sponsorships.

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Tutoring for children with a migration background

Our new project with Schülerpaten Berlin

It’s a bit of a romance, really. We go way back – Schülerpaten Berlin e.V. and Photocircle partnered up right in the beginning, when Photocircle was still an ambitious little toddler, ready to change the way we buy and sell photography. Ever since, we’ve funded 3 projects with our partner organization and are excited to kick off number 4 now: Schülerpaten sets up one-on-one mentoring between German speaking volunteers and children with a migration background in Berlin. As of late, mentees also include refugee children, who have found a new home in Berlin.

Deutschland, Ort, TT.MM.JJJJ - Caption(Wer,Was,Wann,Wo ,Warum)© Gordon Weltersphone +49 170 8346683e-mail: mail@gordonwelters.com

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We celebrate 50 projects financed!

Everyone likes to celebrate. You get yummy cakes, tasty drinks… but most importantly you share your joy with the people you love. Today is a very special day for us and we’d like to share our joy with you. We’re celebrating our 50th project financed. 

In our young history we provided a whole community in Guatemala with clean drinking water. In Bangladesh where a proper education is not easily accessible to children, we financed school education for 20 young girls. In Burkina Faso we helped parents to put their children in nursery school, a healthy environment where they can play and grow together with children of their age.

In our hometown Berlin, we organized a party in a refugee home inviting the neighborhood to join in to bring the community closer together. We also had fun taking refugee children to the Berlin zoo and spending the whole day with them. For their parents we bought bycicles and tickets for public transportation.

In Jordan we provided Syrian refugees with essential medication, in Iraq, we bought tents, blankets and warm clothing for people fleeing from IS. These are just a few examples of what we accomplished so far, but we could tell you 50 stories like these. Behind each story there are photographers, photos, customers and our project partners. Photocircle brings all these pieces together.

50 projects financed worldwide

We’re proud that we have a positive impact on the lives of many people worldwide and that we are not just a simple online photo gallery.

We want to thank our community: photographers, customers, partner organisations and everyone who supports us. Without you we wouldn’t have made it this far and we’re proud to be working with you!

We’re are convinced that this is just the beginning. Our hope is that together we’ll finance many more projects helping people in need worldwide.